This trip to the heart-land of India was supposed to be realized in the September, but because of some shitty episodes that had happened in my life I had to postpone it. After visiting the two Jyotirlingas of Mahakaleshwar – Ujjain and Omkareshwar – Khandwa, I got to Indore.

I was actually looking forward to meet Adhi which was one of the highlights of the trip to MP. We were acquaints since the start of Live QnA in 2006 and since then she’s become my little bubbly sister. Though I wanted to visit Allen and Deb from the QnA – it never worked out. Finally this was the day I met someone from the QnA in person for the first time.

Went to 56 Dhukan and Sarafa Bazar, I tried my best to taste whatever Adhi suggested (the hardest part was answering the question “how’s it? Bad? Average? Good?).

She was exactly the bubbly behna, that I had known. I had a wonderful time which I really wanted since 2018 was one of the worst time I had to go through. This was like a cool breeze on your face when you are in the middle of a desert.

Three things that Adhi asked/told was the best part of the evening. I was really humbled by such direct confrontation.

“Are we running in marathon?” when I was trying to make my way through the crowd.🙊🙊🙊

Looking at the watch; when I said “it’ll take time for me to be more talkative with the other person” and telling it’s already 2 hours. 😂😂😂

“Are you an introvert?”, when I was trying hard to make myself comfortable with such queries 🙆🙆🙆

It was a wonderful evening that’ll always be there in my memories. God knows when we are going to meet again, I would really love to – just to be at your bubbly level. Thank you behna for being there. ❤️❤️❤️


I had known this old guy since I had started following lifewithmalamutes on Instagram. I have never known/seen such an old cat. He was twenty years old. I loved his attitude – though the old age was really gotten into him. He resembles my love Garfield ❤️ and today his human parents had let everyone know that he’s no more. As their words “he was a spoilt and pampered guy” Love you Gomez. I am grateful to have known you. 😘😘😘 mmwwah!!!

Happy Birthday Bittoo

This is one the days which had always gotten me into a pit since we had lost you to time. Happy birthday dear, I always think how much you would be missing everyone and everything. I will always be keeping you in my thoughts. Love you as always.